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SafariSort is a Universal application and has been successfully tested on OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard. The SafariSort download is hosted on MacUpdate.


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SafariSort - Get Sorted

The Missing Safari Option

I find it frustratingly ridiculous that Apple does not provide the ability to alphabetically sort Safari bookmarks. Apple recently released it's seventh version of Safari; sorting bookmarks is still not an option.

I actually like Safari; it's a decent browser. Safari's OS X integration makes it my primary browser. I used to export my bookmarks to Firefox just to sort them. What a pain in the ...

Time to Get Alphabetical

SafariSort will alphabetically sort your Safari bookmarks in just one click! All your folders, sub-folders and bookmarks will be sorted enabling you to actually find what you're looking for. Simply Amazing!

Version 2.0 Now Available

I finally had some time to update (rewrite) the SafariSort application!

What's New

  • Alphabetically sort your Safari bookmarks,
  • Put folders above bookmarks option,
  • Automated backup file cleanup.

PS. It's FREE, Happy Sorting!

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